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5 Common Garage Door Problems to Look Out For

Your garage door can add to the aesthetics of your compound and can also help secure your cars. However, the creaking noise from old garage doors can be quite irritating, especially when you fail to take care of them.

Most times, simple faults from doors like misaligned sensors or friction can happen at any time and when overlooked, can damage your garage door. You probably don’t expect your newly installed garage door to stay perfect forever. Do you? Every door needs proper and regular maintenance to last longer and so does your garage door.

Do you feel concerned about your garage door and would want to give it proper maintenance? Then you might need to look out for these 5 common garage door problems and tackle them when they surface.

5 Common Garage Door Malfunctions to Look Out For

1. Broken Sensors

When you notice your door opening and closing on its own without being controlled by a remote, know that your door sensor has gone bad. For automatic doors, the sensors can go bad and can be easily fixed by cleaning. In special cases, when it’s broken, you need to align the emitting and the receiving optical sensors on the opposite rails of your door.

2. Worn-Out Rollers

Some types of garage doors are made with rollers. They are normally placed at the overhead track of doors and are also connected to small axles on each side of a garage door. The rollers ride in tracks which helps in gliding the door back and forth.

Roller problems, when overlooked can cause your garage door to make squeaking noises. This is because they’re already worn out. Also, remember that managing worn-out rollers can jump off the rolling track when pressure is applied while closing.

3. Slow or No Door Movement

If you realize that your quick-to-open garage door is suddenly slow to open or doesn’t open at all, fixing it immediately might have to be your next move. This problem may be caused by a power surge, a blown fuse, an old roller, or a damaged outlet connected to the door.

To solve this problem, you might have to use the reset button or ensure the circuit breaker is intact. Changing the old roller is also another good option.

4. Broken Torsion Springs

Most garage door tracks are made with huge iron springs which help to support the weight of the door while it’s closing or opening. Through constant use of your garage doors, the torsion springs can wear out or break into two. When you notice this, don’t hesitate to contact an expert metal repairer to replace the broken springs

5. Noisy Garage Doors

This garage door problem is quite common. Most times, our doors make strange noises as a result of a lack of lubrication. Loose screws on the different joints of the door can also cause noise.

While applying lubricants on your doors, try not to use WD40 lubricants as it has tendencies to attract dust. White lithium-based lubricants are more preferable for noisy doors.


Garage doors are constantly in use and because of that, they’re prone to lots of damage. Therefore, you can make it a point of duty to look out for these 5 common garage door problems and fix them. Keep your garage door in shape as it keeps your cars safe!


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