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5 Common Source of Garage Door Noise

A garage door is a favourable feature that improves the curb appeal of any home and has its main purpose as safety and convenience. However, in a case where your door develops a grinding, rattling or squealing sound that disrupts the peace of your home, this means that your door has become faulty.

There are several reasons why a garage door would make strange noises. Finding the source and effecting a prompt repair to your garage door would prevent such inconveniences in the future.

Top 5 sources of garage door noises

Below are the five most common sources of garage door noises:

1.   Under lubricated weatherstripping or rollers

Lack of proper lubrication can cause the weatherstripping to rub together, resulting in strange sounds. For rollers, the bearings inside them come pre-lubricated. Once these rollers are constantly in use with time, the lubricant wears off and becomes dry, producing some strange noises.

To eliminate the sounds from the weatherstripping and the rollers, you can apply a silicone-based lubricant on them to improve flexibility and keep the noise at bay.

2.   Loose parts

Having loose parts can be one reason why you have a squeaky sound emanating from your garage door. This might mean that some nuts, hinges, bolts, rollers and chains holding your door in place have loosened up or are no longer in good condition.

Having no clue on how to identify these minor problems in time can eventually lead to wear and tear, making it more difficult for your door to function efficiently. So, identifying these issues is a skill that would help you know which part needs to be fixed or repaired.

3.   Broken spring(s)

Torsion or extension springs have their cycles, however, some of these spring(s) cycles may not be completed because of the tension they are subjected to. This tension is due to the constant closing and opening of the door over a considerable period.

It makes the spring progressively strain with time and eventually break free. This action is usually accompanied by a loud sound in the form of a gunshot. It’s important you desist from fixing it as it can be very dangerous. Rather, employ the service of a professional to fix it. 

4.   Faulty garage door openers

If your garage door is making a rattling sound, chances are that you might have an issue with your garage door opener. Your garage door opener gets its energy and power from the chains, screws and belt drives that put the door together.

Any of these parts can generate a strange noise if it’s not properly maintained. For instance, the chain drive opener can make a noise when it rubs against metal or a rack or the belt drive can make a long squeal sound as it comes loose.

5.   Bent tracks

A garage door with rollers that is under lubricated can inhibit the movement of one or more of the rollers. If pressure is applied and the rollers are forced to move while closing or opening the door, it’s more likely to damage the cables and bend the metal tracks.

This process can cause a loud sound when the door is in motion. You can check the tracks for damaged rollers or loose screws, upon confirmation you must call for the service of a specialist to help fix it.


Having a garage door that makes strange noises is a sign that your door is not in a good condition. However, understanding the source of these noises will help you know the part of your garage door that needs maintenance. Employing a proper routine maintenance schedule is a means that will redeem you from a lot of inconveniences and uphold safety in your home.


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