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6 Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Your garage door is much more than just an entrance to your garage. It provides you with an astounding level of service, adds a terrific convenience to your daily living, and increases the curb appeal of your property if properly maintained.

However, it’s important that you don’t forget that even the very best of garage doors don’t last forever. So you need to be observant to know when your old garage door becomes faulty and needs to be replaced with a new garage door.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door

If you have no clue as regards to when your garage door is experiencing issues and needs to be replaced. Below are different signs that you need a new garage door:

1.   Issues With Opening and Closing

Garage doors normally undergo wear and tear due to activities over time, which can result in difficulty when opening and closing the door in a fluid movement. These faults can easily be repaired with little or no hassle. But if your garage door breaks down often, you should probably consider improving its safety and performance by replacing it with a new garage door.

2.   Loud or Strange Noises

Your garage door makes a loud motor squeal or screech noise whenever you close or opens it because the aging machinery is rubbing on other parts and pulling the overall motor. This simply indicates that your door needs maintenance or something is broken. So you need to get a professional to have your garage door inspected, and get it functioning properly without a lot of noise or help you replace them.

3.   Appearance

Having an antique garage door without having an old-fashioned or vintage house to compliment it automatically affects the value and curb appeal of your property. It is probably a good time to consider updating the door to a new modern garage door that suits your property and increases its worth and exterior beauty.

4.   Safety and Security

Some of the services garage doors provide us with are security and safety. If you notice that your garage automatic door doesn’t immediately reverse when the sensor is being triggered by an external force or it doesn’t close properly, this is a sign you need maintenance or you need a new garage door. Failure to take early action can result in a serious injury when the garage door slams-bang unexpectedly.

5.   Damage

You need a new garage door if severe weather conditions damaged the door or you mistakenly smashed it while backing out of your garage. You would need a replacement if the paint on your door is peeling, rotting, or cracking in the case of a wooden garage door. Failure to replace it can pose potential damage to your life and property.

6.   Sagging or Bent Sections

Garage doors naturally undergo sagging as it’s various sections flush against each other over time,  resulting in a dent(s). This process might not be easily noticed. You should employ the help of a professional to test your garage doors for overall balance and ensure that all parts of the door function as expected. And if the dents or sags are severe, it’s a sign you need a new garage door.


Garage doors are relied upon for convenience and designed to work effectively and efficiently for safety and security purposes. However, not knowing when your garage door is experiencing issues and is in dire need of replacement can pose a potential hazard. So mastering these signs provides you with fore-knowledge that would help you know when you need a new garage door and also avert loss.


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