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Manual vs Automatic Garage Doors

Garage doors help complement and beautify your home. Just as beautiful and complementing as they can be to your homes, they could cause you a lot of trouble if they’re not properly maintained. As a house owner, there are several factors that could help you determine whether to install a manual or automatic garage door.

In this article, we’d check the contrast between manual and automatic garage doors, assisting you in making a better choice whenever you want to install a garage door.

Manual Garage Doors

Manual garage doors are doors that can be operated by hand, that is, by pushing or pulling the door manually. They are primarily found in old-style buildings. Manual doors are generally easy to install compared to automatic ones. This is because they’re not heavy and rarely need cables and motors. Instead, you need the torsion spring system to install a manual garage door.

Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic garage doors are quite different from manual ones. The automatic doors operate with the help of some electrical component which enables it to work by just pressing a remote control. Although automatic garage doors didn’t just come to be, they’ve been in existence as far back as 1920. With advancements in technology, automatic garage doors are more secure, quiet, and inexpensive than before.

The contrast between a Manual and Automatic Garage Door

The manual and automatic garage doors have their advantages and shortcomings. We’d analyse below the strength and weaknesses of both doors, respectively, to help you make the right decision for your homes during renovation or construction:

  • Safety: in terms of safety, the automatic garage door takes the lead and here’s why. Automatic garage doors are built with sensors that enable the garage to move back up whenever an object is detected below. Unlike the manual garage doors, which operate with the push and pull method. If an object should be beneath the manual garage door in the process of closing, this object could be crushed, leading to damage.
  • Maintenance: it’s best to continuously maintain your garage doors because repairing them can take a lot out of your pocket. Constant maintenance prevents your garage door from an unexpected issue that can surface. This said, manual garage doors are easily maintained. Automatic garage doors are complex because of the several mechanisms that allow them to operate, making maintenance difficult and costly.
  • Security: to avoid break-ins and stealing of properties, the best you can do is get an automatic garage door. Manual garage doors, on the other hand, can be manipulated and are easy to break. But automatic garage doors are designed with numerous security standards such as key codes and alarms in case of a break-in.
  • Affordability: Well, the manual garage door is cheap because they’re easy to install and the cost of maintenance is low. On the other hand, automatic garage doors are costly because they consist of several components. This makes it almost impossible to install by a non-expert.


Both the automatic and manual garage door have their pros and cons, just as discussed above. It’s essential to keep this in mind when setting out to purchase a garage door. It’s best to reach out to experts that can supervise you on the best choice of garage doors accessible in the market based on your requirement.


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