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Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

Are you planning to buy a garage door for your home? If so, we are glad to help you narrow down your research while giving you full services of professionalism.

Garage doors are an important investment in your house as they add a lot of features like security, workspace, and aesthetics to your surroundings. Below are our top 5 considerations when getting a new garage door

5 Things to Consider When Buying a New Garage Door

1.   Budget

Different types of garage doors come with different broad budget selections. This means that each garage door whether automatic controlled or manual controlled comes with its range of price. The price of an automatically controlled garage door is different from a manually controlled one.

Also, the price of a wooden side-hinged garage door is very different from a steel galvanized door. It’s important that you make careful considerations in terms of the material, garage entrance, and space.

2.   Garage door warranty

When buying or planning to buy a garage door always consider those with warranties. Oftentimes warranties come with limitations, you must understand what gets covered in the warranty of the door you plan to purchase. Also, check for the expiration dates of the warranty and make sure you know when it ends.

3.   Garage door materials

For cold climes, a thermal insulated garage door would go a long way in keeping the house warm during winter. Garage doors are mostly made of wood or steel.

If you are a security-conscious person or you live in an area where security is important, having a steel garage door would go a long way in protecting your cars and properties. For aesthetics, sectional doors are also wonderful to furnish your buildings.

4.   Garage door styles

Different garage door styles are good for different purposes. Roll-up garage doors are best suited to save space especially if your garage has limited space. A side-hinged door might be perfect for a quiet environment because it produces less sound when it is opened or closed.

Sectional garage doors are durable and easy to open while tilt-up garage doors would take up more space when it is opened. Automated garage doors offer more ease of access than their manual counterparts.

5.   Installation

Unless you are experienced with installing garage doors, you should call a professional to give your garage a nice fitting. Installing a garage door requires technicalities which would involve space of the garage and strength of the building wall. If not, a clumsily installed garage door might fall suddenly a few weeks after its installation which would waste money, time, and effort.

Hiring a good professional would be a good investment in the long run because asides from door installation, you can also call them to maintain your doors as well as to give you maintenance tips if you would want to do it yourself.


Just as you would do your research before buying a house, that’s also how important it is to do your research before purchasing your garage doors. At garage doors 101, we have a team of engineers and architects that would better advise you on what style to choose for your home structure and environment. What more? We also guarantee premium services on your doors that would suit your comfort.


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