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What Are the Types of Garage Doors?

Are you unsure about the different types of garage doors? Or you ask if there is any difference in the types of garage doors you need or have?. These questions are necessary as you need to understand garage doors that are best suited for your home structure.

Although front doors can be as fanciful as they can give the entire home structure a beauty lift, garage doors on the other hand are one factor that can make or mar your home structure. It’s literally the first detail about your home people notice when they drive by or pull into your driveway. 

Different garage doors have different functionality and style. At garage doors 101, we covered a lot of the different types of garage doors to answer your questions. This includes 5 types of garage doors that suit both your commercials and residential needs.

5 Types of Garage Doors

1.   Roller Up or Roll Up Garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are mostly seen in commercial settings than in residential settings. They are designed for buildings with limited ceiling space. These doors are mostly used to replace a fence line and can serve as a garage opening.

Looking for that added security to your home or workplace? It is constructed with telling and it can either work as an automatic or manual door. As the name suggests, it rolls up as a curtain on a track around a barrel. The design behind its movement is quite similar to a carpet or rug picked up in a cylindrical shape.

2.   Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage doors are very popular and modern. It also comes with added features like thermal insulation, window ventilation, inserts, colors, hardware, and textures to give your house that artistic flavor and security.

At Garage doors 101, we also install these steel doors which can be opened up manually or automatically. This door’s entire length is broken into sections: each section is joined together by its hinge. For sectional garage doors to open or close, it has to bend over a curved position of the vertical track on each side of the door. When it is fully opened, the doors lie in parallel to the ceiling and when closed it is in line with the walls of the garage

3.   Tilt-Up or Counterweight Garage door

Unlike the sectional garage door which has different sections to make up the entire door, a tilt-up garage door has only one single structure attached to a pivot. When it is opened, the steel weighted door is tilted up and extends past the front of the home to lie parallel to the ceiling of the garage.

4.   Side Hinged Garage door

This is an old-fashioned design of garage doors that swings open and close from a pivoted frame on either side of the opening. Mostly made up of woods, they can be made of galvanized steel to resemble a barn door.

These classic doors are in demand for garages with limited space. It can also be designed at the workshop with pre-hung steel frames before installation. It can also be automated with special arms.

5.   Slide to the side Garage door

These doors operate by bending to one side of the garage while seating parallel to the wall. They are also used for garages with limited space. They operate by running along with trolleys that are flexible enough to make them bend with a built-in retractable motor when automatic.


Installing a type of garage door would be based on what is most appealing to your needs. Those needs might be for security or aesthetics and At garage doors 101, we have a team of engineers and architects to bring your dream garage doors to reality.


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