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How To Inspect a Garage Door

It takes just a short time to inspect a garage door yet, it seems difficult to achieve especially for some homeowners. We’ve become so engrossed with work and with our cars, forgetting to take care of our garage and its door. Little wonder the garage seems to be the alien apartment in some houses.

A glance at the garage door while driving in and out of it doesn’t mean you have inspected it. It takes more than just a look!  How do you inspect a garage door? Keep reading this article on how to inspect a garage door to find out.

5 Ways To Inspect a Garage Door

1. Inspect the Overall Condition

The first thing to do is to check the overall condition of both sides of the garage door. A good look at the door can help you see the obvious faults on the garage door.

The overall condition of the garage door may include checking out for dents, rusted and bent tracks, and sensors, etc. You may not need the help of a technician for this task.

2. Inspect the Functionality

You can start by checking the sound of the door as it opens and closes. Doors with loud sounds may need lubrication. You can also check if the sensor, auto- reversal, and door springs are working.

For safety, you may have to check out the functionality of your sensor by quickly putting a foot or any object in front of the sensor as the garage door is closing. If the door doesn’t reverse while blocking the laser sensor, quickly remove your foot to avoid being hurt.

3. Inspect your Garage’s Door Balance

You can check the balance of your garage door by opening and closing the door to see if it moves on the track easily. If the door should slam to the ground, then the door is not balanced.

When it comes to balancing a garage door, it is not advisable to do it yourself. You can get reliable, swift, and safe help by contacting an expert.

4. Inspect the Hinges

Most times we tend to forget about the hinges. While inspecting your garage door, don’t forget to check out the hinges. You never can tell some screws might just be lost.

Loose screws may contribute to the noise your door gives whenever it’s been opened or closed. If there are loose screws, the services of a technician will be much needed.

 5. Inspect the Springs

The springs of a garage door are a very crucial part of the door. They help support the weight of the door as it opens and closes. You can visually check if the spring is in good shape. Open the door halfway and see if it closes. Note that garage springs are not for homeowners to repair. If your door spring has issues, kindly invite a technician to help you with it.


As you have seen, inspecting your garage door is not much of a big deal. Just in a short while you’re already done scrutinizing. Moreover, you have a better opportunity to keep your door strong and intact when you inspect frequently. This is also where the services of an expert technician come in, especially if your door must be properly maintained


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