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How To Choose The Right Garage Door for Your Home

It’s necessary to consider several factors before choosing a garage door for your home. This includes materials, colors, types, and style of the door. Having the right color is important as it can go a long way in adding value to your property. Likewise, choosing the right material is as important as choosing the appropriate style.

Do all these sound overwhelming already? Not to worry, having an excellent garage door supplier is one great choice that would allay your counts and make you feel at ease. Below are the listed considerations to make before choosing a garage door for your home.

3 Considerations To Make Before Choosing a Garage Door

1.  The Purpose of Garage Door

The purpose of your garage determines the material and type of garage door you need. Are you using your garage as a car park only or is it used as a storage room or a game house? Garages are mainly used to park cars, but does your family prefer to park their bicycles and recreational toys in it?

Also, is safety your top priority? If yes, then you would need steel garage doors as they are strong and can offer privacy. Insulated doors are also great to keep your family warm during winter. Where it is a garage workshop, then glass doors are highly recommended to keep the workshop bright. And where your kids practice their music in the garage, then a soundproof garage door would go a long way to minimize sound.

2.  Garage Door Materials

Garage doors are made up of different materials like steel, wood, glass, and fiberglass. These materials are good for their purpose. For example, durable and lasts long but in regions close to the sea, they tend to rust faster.

Also, wood is great for aesthetics but requires high maintenance compared to steel. Aluminum and glass doors are lightweight doors and are impervious to natural elements. Manually lifting a door can be very stressful but aluminum doors make it look easy.

3.  Garage Door lifespans

Even garage doors have a life span that is measured at 20,000 cycles according to Clopay. A cycle means the number of times a door is lifted and lowered. Most people use their garage doors often to drive by. It takes 2 cycles a day and 730 cycles per year. This means that the average garage should be replaced after 13 years of use. This period can be lengthened or shortened if proper maintenance is carried out consistently and at regular intervals.


A lot of considerations go into making a choice for the perfect garage door for our home. Unfortunately, some factors like busy schedules and lack of expertise can keep us from knowing how to make these choices. If you fall into any of these categories, then you’re in luck! At Garage Doors 101, we provide professional advice on the choice of doors to install and we also provide installation and maintenance services.


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